Glamorgan Archives provides a variety of services to the teachers, schools, colleges and universities within the local authorities we serve. We can also offer advice to schools on looking after your records.

School Visits and Workshops

Glamorgan Archives welcomes visits from school groups of all ages.

School visits are free of charge and last up to two hours. We can accommodate a maximum of 30 children in one visit.

Workshops delivered at the Archives can be tailored to your locality. Our workshops are also available to download, with accompanying teacher notes, for use in the classroom.

Services to Colleges and Universities

Visits for college and university students

Tutors are welcome to arrange visits for groups of students.  We welcome both undergraduates and postgraduates.  We can provide guidance on how to use the Archives, and an introduction to resources we hold with a focus on those relevant to the students’ area of study.  These sessions can be particularly helpful if they are arranged at the beginning of terms or before students undertake research for their theses and dissertations.

College and university visits are all free of charge

Looking after your records

Glamorgan Archives holds the records of a large number of Glamorgan schools.  These records include log books, admission registers, school histories, photographs and more.

Schools that deposit records with us retain ownership of these items.  They can be accessed in our searchroom where teachers can use them to create classroom resources or exhibitions to mark special occasions such as school anniversaries.  If you bring a group of pupils to visit the Archives the school records will be used to provide a local context to your chosen workshop.

By transferring records to the Archives, schools are ensuring that they are cared for correctly.  They will be stored in our secure strongrooms with their fire prevention systems, and will be packaged in protective boxes and folders to prevent their deterioration and ensure their availability to future generations.

For more information see our page on Depositing Records.

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