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We collect records relating to the history of Glamorgan and its people. Records can range from:

  • papers,
  • plans,
  • photographs,
  • parchments,
  • personal diaries, and
  • council minutes.

For more details see our collection policy.

We are particularly interested in locating records in imminent danger of destruction or decay so that they may be saved for future generations.


We catalogue records so that people can locate material which may be of interest to them.
For more information on our cataloguing work search the catalogue.

Preserve and conserve

We preserve and conserve records, ensuring that items deposited, donated and transferred to the record office are held in the best environmental conditions and are packaged in appropriate materials.

See details of our conservation services.

Make records available

Members of the public can access records in our searchroom. View opening hours and details of our services.

Offer advice

We can advise on using the records, so that you get the most out of the time you spend here. Get advice or ask a question.

Welcome visiting groups

We welcome groups such as:

  • local societies,
  • evening classes,
  • groups of school pupils,
  • students and teachers, or
  • local authority employees.

Information on organising such a visit can be found on our group visits and education pages.

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