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Room for Rent - Repository Space at Glamorgan Archives

Storage Space

Our short-term let capacity is currently fully committed.  We will update this page as temporary clients vacate and space becomes available.

The recently constructed building meets all the requirements of the standard, PD 5454:2012 with regard to environment controls, security, fire and flood protection.  Environment and Security Statements can be provided.

The metal racking is mobile with some static units.  It stands to a height of 2750mm with an average loading of 70 Kg.  Shelves are 900mm in length and height-adjustable allowing storage of a variety of items.  Shelf depths are 300mm, 450mm and 900mm.

Storage Charges

The costs are calculated per shelf (up to 1 linear metre) at £15.00 a year.

A standard bay has 7 shelves.  Adjustment is allowed but a minimum charge of £87.50 per bay applies.  If a bay holds more than 7 shelves the charge is calculated per shelf.

One-off administration fee on set-up: £50.00

Staff costs for any work required on collection, including retrieval – paraprofessional (per hour): £25.00

Staff costs for any work required on collection, including retrieval – professional (per hour): £45.00

These figures assume a rental period of 1 year and are exclusive of VAT.

Preparatory Work

  • Agreement.  Clients will be asked to sign a standard agreement.
  • Set up shelving.  Adjustments can be made to shelf spacing for an additional fee.
  • Photographs. A photographic record will be made of shelved items at the point of delivery.
  • Packaging.  Clients may be asked to arrange for items to be packaged before storage. This can also be supplied for a fee.
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan.  Contact details of named individuals in renting organisation will be required to add to the Plan.

Additional Services; fees negotiable

  • Retrieval.   Notice is required and clients accompanied by staff.
  • Working space.  Areas can be made available for consultation, conservation and cataloguing of stored material by clients.
  • Packaging, research, conservation and cataloguing can also be supplied by Archives’ staff.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss options and costs.

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