Meeting Rooms

At 88msq, the room can be divided into two smaller spaces by a soundproofed moveable wall divider.  If you want to use this facility you will need to let us know when you make your booking so the room can be reconfigured before/during your meeting. NB Staff will only move the divider once a day and you should arrange for this to take place during a break as all people and belongings will need to be removed from the room.

Room lay-outs

The room can be configured in a number of different ways. The following gives guidance on the maximum number of people who can be accommodated in the different formats:






Room Hire Charges

  • Full day – £120
  • Half day – £65
  • Hourly charge – £20 per hour

A break out room can be provided for a fee. For more details contact Glamorgan Archives staff.

For information on weekend and out of hours prices please contact us.

Practical Information

You might find the following information helpful in planning your visit and to help your meeting run smoothly.

Technical Equipment

We have the following equipment available for you to use:

  • Overhead projector
  • Laptop
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Flip chart
  • Wi fi access

Please allow yourself enough time for setting up before your meeting.  If you have any specific equipment you need to use let us know ahead of time.

You are welcome to email presentations to us at so we can upload them onto our computers in advance of your meeting.

Air conditioning

The room is fully air conditioned.

Please do not attempt to alter the settings. If you have any problems or queries speak to a member of staff.

Catering – buffets, light refreshments, teas, coffees

  • Teas/coffees/biscuits can be provided at a cost of £1 per head, per serving.
  • Buffet lunches can be ordered for you at a cost of £7 per head.  You will need to let us know the numbers at least 14 days in advance of the function.  You will also need to provide us with details of any specific dietary requirements.
  • Fruit juice with buffet lunches at a cost of £1 per head.
  • Jugs of water can be provided free of charge.
  • The Archive is a five minute walk away from a retail park where there are several cafes and sandwich bars.

Tables and chairs available

The chairs can also be converted into tables

Let us know if you would like to use this option when you book.

Car parking

Car parking facilities are available at the side of the building.  If you have large numbers of delegates we can arrange additional car parking at the rear of the building.  Please let us know if you need this facility before your visit.


Our function room is found on the ground floor of the archives and is completely accessible. For more information please contact us via the information at the bottom of this pack.

Hearing loop

A hearing loop is available for the room.

Prayer room

If any of your delegates need access to a prayer room please let us know and we can make arrangements.

Breast feeding

Please let us know if you will need access to breast feeding facilities so arrangements can be made.

Baby changing

Baby changing facilities are available.


There is level access to toilet facilities in the entrance foyer.

Please remember that members of staff based on Reception in the foyer will be able to help with any queries during the day.

If you have any queries or require further information please contact us

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